Shampoo Bar

Solid shampoo is an environmentally friendly option and there are Peruvian companies that offer it. Shampoos of lavender, coconut and lemon, chicha morada, etc. they will leave you with a rich aroma and with soft and shiny hair

What shampoo bars can we buy at Nazhia Organics?

At Nazhia you can find shampoo bars like watermelon shampoo, Jamaican water shampoo, sacha inchi shampoo and many more. These solid shampoos are natural and ecofriendly.

How is a shampoo bar different from soap ?

Both soap and shampoo have the shape of a bar, if you look at it with the naked eye you will not be able to tell it apart. But the difference from shampoo to soap is that solid shampoo has some additional ingredients for hair care and also has additional foaming agents. And above all, these ingredients help to leave hair soft and allow it to easily spread throughout the hair.

How to use a shampoo bar

To use the shampoo bar, we must moisten the detangled hair. Then we have 2 ways to apply the solid shampoo:

  • Soap the bar between wet hands and then apply the foam to wet hair (this is the usual like a liquid shampoo).

  • Moisten the bar and then apply to wet hair, rubbing in circular movements taking strands by strands of hair.

And finally rinse and repeat again as needed. A double wash is recommended.